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My name is Adam Collard.  You may or may not have seen me on TV or plastered all over instagram but you may not know about my true passion: fitness. 

Since catching the gym bug, racking up thousands of PT hours and then opening my own gym in the space of 3 years I have gained a hell of a lot of knowledge when it comes to getting people to reach their very own personal goals. It doesn’t matter where the starting point is, the age, gender or anything like that. You can get results with the right plan and a little effort.

I feel like I’ve achieved a lot already in the sense of my own physique and business goals but it wasn’t enough. I always enjoyed helping people reach their goals when working in gyms from a young age. Seeing their face when they’ve either dropped a dress size or gained some muscle and can see abs for the first time has always been the most thrilling thing for me.  Now my ultimate goal is to hit everybody I possibly can on a worldwide scale through these guides and the academy. 

I have a passion for fitness, but more importantly I have a passion for progress & I cannot wait to see it in you. 

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