Can you out train a bad diet? Or can you out eat a bad training programme?

Now If any of you guys follow me on socials you’ll probably realise that travel is pretty insane right now and I’m out a hell of a lot at events. 

So my current training programme pretty much consists of anything I can get in and if I get too busy I simply take that as my rest day, so it changes a lot. 

Not ideal. But stuff happens. 

Anyway, the one thing that keeps me in check is my nutrition. 

I’ve got very good nowadays at implementing some more self control by making sure my weekly calorie allowance doesn’t get too far out of whack even when my daily allowance does.  

Think of it this way… 

Say you have 2500 calories per day as your allowance. 

Now think of it on a weekly scale.  So 2500×7= 17500 Kcal

Now, I love food.  We all do and right now I get in some pretty fancy restaurants and to be honest I sometimes I go on a rampage. 

Some have referred to me as the dustbin. 

So say I smash in 4000 cals on one of the days and go over my 2500 allowance, I simply reduce my cals ever so slightly across the board so my weekly total is still on point. 

Dieting is often overcomplicated but for the majority of us just trying to drop a little body fat, Dieting is simply budgeting. 


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