Foods and drinks you must have in your cupboard for fat loss

What are 5 foods and drinks you must have in your cupboard if you’re on restricted calories that you may not have thought about?

You heard me right, these are 5 little gems of food and drink that will help you stay on track when calories are low and you need something to keep you satisfied. 



Trade your Ben and Jerry’s in for Halo Top and save a crazy amount of calories across the month if you’re used to having one of these every weekend. 


80 Cals per bag.  Sweet or Savoury cravings or even switch them for the giant rice cake version that are around 55 calories per rice cake. 


Bulk up your breakfasts with egg whites.  This is a go-to food I always stock when I’m super hungry.  Simply make a monster omelette every morning with loads of mixed veggies and super low calories using 1 full egg and a tonne of liquid egg whites. 


I love Heck. Not an ad but they are a great brand of sausages and the macros/calories that they deliver are epic. It really helps me when I simply just can’t face chicken for much longer! 


Boring – Yes you did think of this one all by yourself I’ll give you that.  

But I can’t stress enough, every single meal you consume think to yourself is this going to keep me satisfied for a long time or at least until my next feed. If not, add a pepper, add an onion, add some greens. With them being all super low calories it’s very important to use this to your advantage! So bang them in! 



I love all diet drinks and they’re totally demonised by some people that think sweeteners are the devil. Total bollocks with zero evidence to back these claims up.  These are great quite simply for the reason that they bloat you and help curb hunger and cravings.

  • Sparkling Water.  My personal favourite: San Pellegrino

Again there’s no magic behind this other than the fact that it fills you up a lot, keeps you hydrated and also is an appetite suppressant. 

  • Black Coffee

Most fat burners are just pumped up caffeine supplements that stem from black coffee bean extracts because caffeine is a natural fat burner and a natural appetite suppressant. So don’t waste your money on fat burners just eat at a deficit and drink black coffee. 

  • Protein Shakes

Obviously sometimes you’re on low calories but you need to boost your protein intake a lot to make sure you’re recovering those muscles of yours. Whether you have it daily or not, mix it with porridge or make some crazy protein cookies, it’s sometimes cool to have it in the cupboard for a rainy day. 


Boring huh?! 

No magic behind this apart from that it’s the single most important part of anyone in humanity. And don’t just drink enough to survive, drink enough to perform and perform well.  You are your own athlete now on your own athletic journey so drink water like one.

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