How I Gained Weight Eating Too Much Protein and Low Carbs

Yes, believe it or not I did do this. 

So a young buck – clueless on nutrition but getting relatively okay at training – asks the big tanned guy in the gym for advice. 

What’s your diet like bro? 

Now I want to let you know I probably wouldn’t have wasted a year of my life making zero progress if I didn’t receive this advice…

“ Yeah bro, all you gotta do is eat no carbs, not even carrots, just eat only green veg and unlimited amounts of protein and fats. Even bacon, beef burgers and cheese are cool but no carbs.  Bang in all the protein.”

I mean, it was something along those lines anyway. 

Now you tell this to a boy with a big appetite and shit’s going to get serious. 

This might’ve worked for the big dude in the gym, probably because he was on PED’s.  Which is cool if you wanna do that but things work differently for people on and off them. 

However for little old me, going away and eating 4x bacon cheese burgers with no bun every night I was putting my body in a major caloric surplus from over consuming a ton of high protein but also high fatty foods. 

So I actually ended up going from progressing slowly before but being impatient… 

…To actually gaining body fat and excess weight from creating a huge caloric surplus each day. 

Point being, I needed to be in a deficit to lose the body fat. 

Now if I’d ate the exact same foods and tracked my calories also, this probably would’ve worked. But not because of the magical no carbs and Ketosis. 

Simply because I wasn’t shovelling in excess calories. 

Remember guys, worry about caloric intake vs your expenditure first. 

Then worry about the little things after that. 

Silly me, thanks big guy. 


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