A How-to Guide to Control the Hunger!

So Summer is approaching and the majority of people out there are likely on a cut to drop some body fat.

No matter how much willpower, mental strength or God given metabolism you have it is inevitable that you’ll experience some form of hunger in a deficit.  Here’s how to minimise those feels…

Veggies, veggies and more veggies

For Volume-to-Calorie ratio you just can’t beat your greens. You can eat most your veggies by the boatload for very few calories. So this is your first great tool to fill up on!  Check the calorie count on some veggies and fill up on these every meal to keep you satisfied for hours longer. 

Fibre is king

Fibre is important in digestion processes and maintaining healthy bodily function. The main point here is that it keeps you fuller for longer!  So you should be making sure you hit your daily fibre requirements. This can come from beans, whole grains, oats, vegetables and much more. 

Hydration is your saviour

Especially when I’m cutting down I constantly seem to be walking around with a bottle of water on me. This will keep you full always and helps stop the hunger pains between meals. It also helps with getting an incredible pump in the gym when your food is no longer doing that for you! 

Save your carbs for a rainy hour. 

I’m not one for preaching no carbs by any means, the complete opposite in fact.  However for some reason I avoid carbs earlier in the day when dieting as I know when those inevitable late night cravings come along I need to have some carbs left to satisfy me.  Even to the point of introducing intermittent fasting some days to allow me to smash in bigger meals later in the day when I feel most hungry. 


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