This is the basic of basics to get your head around how intermittent fasting could be a great tool for you. 

Say Karen has 1700 calories to spend on a daily basis. 

1700 Calories is the goal that has been set for Karen to hit by one of our coaches in the academy in order for her to create a calorie deficit and gradually lose body fat. 

Now then…

Option A (Normal): Karen could spread this across 7am-9pm


Option B (Intermittent Fasting): Karen could spread this across 1pm-9pm

Now if Karen chooses option A, it is likely that in order to make this amount of calories last across the full time, she’s going to have to eat very low calorie dense foods (eat very clean). 

This could potentially mean eating foods that don’t satisfy her needs. 

She would also probably have to eat smaller portions more frequently that potentially could leave her feeling hungry still after a meal. 

Alternatively, Karen could choose option B. This would mean fasting until 12/1pm and leaving a smaller eating window later in the day.

If Karen keeps busy in the morning, drinks plenty of water, black coffee and green tea she’ll power through this with a little bit of hunger but nothing too dramatic. 

This leaves her full 1700 calories for this window later in the day. 

This means she can fit in a lot of calorie dense meals that probably satisfy her cravings a lot more, maybe even fit in a pizza if she’s budgeted well.  She will also feel full off eating bigger portions before bed and leave her with a good night’s sleep.

The point is, both of these methods work. However, people are often scared to try option B because they have been misled to think ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. 

The truth is that this was just made up by cereal companies in the 50’s.

The bottom line is…


So if Karen is putting in 1700 Calories and burns more than this on a daily basis, she will burn damn fat. 


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