The two things you actually need to actually get results

You heard me right. 

Duck tape for your pie hole and a man to follow you round all day slapping those digestive biscuits out your hand. 

Just kidding, although it would be great. 

Anyway, here are the real 2 things:

Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation 


Well all people train for different reasons, different goals and people are motivated in different ways. 

Ideally having a little of both of these will help…

Intrinsic Motivation – Motivation from within, you’re doing it for yourself 

Extrinsic Motivation – Doing it for a holiday, wedding date or to wind up your ex lol. 

For me when I was a bit younger I wanted to train to simply look better, feel better, and gain confidence in myself. To get fitter. 

Then it changed to wanting to train to look good on my first lads holiday to impress girls, I won’t lie. 

Now I’m a little more mature, ever so slightly. I now have goals like being able to Row a 10K or pick up 200kg plus off the floor. Boring to you maybe.  

What is my point?! 

You need goals to keep working hard, so let’s set them. 

Do this: 

  1. Pick an exercise that you suck at. What weight can you use for 10 reps? Now I want you to retest this every week for 8 weeks. Now you should see the difference in 8 weeks time. 
  1. Set a date, pick your calendar up.  Look for a big date, holiday, wedding, your boss’s engagement party. Now circle it. That’s the target. We are going to improve in all aspects before we reach that date. 

I guarantee if you track your progress each week with point 1. And retest on the final week you will improve. 

Keep point 2 In mind.  This is your time, the time that you’re working towards and you’re going to look amazing by time that date comes around! 

That’s your motivation. 

And if all this doesn’t work, then just watch Rocky and run around after you get a buzz. 

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