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Why breaking up with your girlfriend will get you shredded

Yeah you heard me right.

Sort of.

Trying to look at silver linings and what not.

So yesterday I had to remove all my belongings & some heavy ass sofas down 5 flights of stairs in my previous residence.

After about 3 hours of farmers walks with all my Boohoo Man free clothing in bin liners I was gassed and had racked up easily over 20,000+ steps by the end of the day.

I was starving by the end of the day and the following morning even though I had ate all of my usual goal calories for the day.

This got me thinking about the famous N.E.A.T.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – Movements on the daily, probably mandatory tasks that aren’t actually in your exercise routine/programme but still make you active.

Imagine racking up this many steps every day how easy it would be to create a caloric deficit and burn fat (as I hadn’t even trained at that point) but add in some resistance/weight training too and getting shredded would be so easy.

Or how much food I could actually consume on a daily basis and still stay lean because of the high caloric expenditure I was creating. Legit Pizza every day.


Say you’re completely new to fitness.

You haven’t even stepped foot in the gym yet. Or you have trained for a while, your nutrition is okay but you simply cant seem to drop more body fat.

All I want you to do with your iPhone health app or a Fitbit if you have one is check how many steps you do in the last 5 days. On Average.

Get that number.  Now add 3000 steps to that number. That’s your goal target now.

Now every day for the next 21 days I want you to do nothing more to your training, nothing different with your nutrition. But simply make sure you hit those extra 3000+ steps per day.

Watch what happens and get back to me in 21-days.

You’re welcome.


P.S – When I was PT’ing on the gym floor I used to hit 20k steps per day easily between 6am-8pm at night. This is the sole reason I could pretty much stay shredded all year round as long as I maintained a weight training programme alongside this.

Get walking.

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