Why fruit is not your enemy

Flashback to one week ago. 

Yo guys its Adam, just touched down in Maldives not to rub it in haha! 

Anyway, I overheard a classic today on our first lunch. 

Girl in full gym gear said at buffet; 

‘Ah my PT doesn’t let me have fruit because it contains too much sugar… I’ll get fat.’ 


First of all let’s talk about the abundance of health benefits that fruit has for you in micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Obvious we all know that right. 

Now let’s go onto the science. 

Sugar from fruits – Fructose – is broken down to glucose in your body through digestion. 

The exact same thing comes from other carb sources like rice, pasta and bread. However the digestion process may be a little longer. 

Point being, they all get broken down to glucose eventually and can be actively used as energy. 

Calorie intake at the end of the day matters much more for the vast majority of us that are trying to simply look better. 

Unless you’re Anthony Joshua or Serena Williams you shouldn’t really be worrying about consuming too much sugar from fruit and spikes in your insulin. 

Simply just don’t shove too many calories in your gob. 

So if you like fruit, eat fruit.  Funnily enough it fills me up quite a lot so I keep it in my diet to ensure my hunger levels stay satisfied. 

Don’t be scared of the fruit. 

Plus watermelons look great on Instagram. 


PS – The women listened by the way, I think.  Maybe not.  Anyway she’s drinking coronas regardless so avoiding fruit is gonna do nada. Haha. 

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