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So you’ve heard about it a million times, the dreaded meal plan. 

Or maybe you’ve begged your PT for one before. 

But I’ve preached it to you a million times, calories in vs calories out is the only thing that matters when it comes to ‘basic’ approaches of fat loss. This is if you simply want to look a little better, get a little leaner.

Sometimes meal plans work but If you’re anything like me, I personally don’t want to see the same menu every week for the rest of my life to simply keep an ab or two. 

I wont lie to you, meal plans have worked for me in the past and so has tracking macros and calories. 

Now the reason I personally am insinuating they suck is simply for the fact that if I have to tell myself that I can only eat one certain food source on a set day and If I don’t fancy that type of food, then I found myself spiralling out of control and eating the food on the meal plan along with the foods I was craving which turned into one massive binge. 

However, If I had simply worked into my calories the food I was actually craving originally I would’ve still been on track and making progress. 

Starting to get it now?

You can make progress either way, don’t get me wrong.  You can have a meal plan or not have a meal plan but strict meal plans often make things way harder than they need to be for you. 

Regardless of what you do, all that matters is that you’re in a calorie deficit to drop fat/weight.

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